Hello From Brave-tan

Brave-tan has broken into reality as the unofficial Brave and BAT waifu of choice for the future of the web.

Who She is

Brave-tan is a young and energetic girl. She is brimming with enthusiasm as a 2D representation of the Brave web browser and the biggest ambassador for the Basic Attention Token.

  • She loves playing with lions at the zoo.

  • Her favorite vegetable is the onion, for its many layers of privacy.

  • Hide and seek is her number one game - trackers never find her.

  • She is very generous and loves tipping her friends with BAT.


Browse our gallery of Brave-tan art on her Pixiv.
Download the high-quality assets on her Dropbox.


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Follow along on our journey on our official Roadmap thread on Twitter.


Thanks to the efforts of the generous BAT community, we were able to create and fund Brave-tan's initial design and illustrations.

If you'd like to see more of her, please consider tipping us with BAT or making a donation to our Ethereum wallet.

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